Large Fruit Tart

Sweet pastry tart case, filled with Creme Diplomat, covered in glazed berries of your choice.

Size- Feeds 8 Price- £40  

fruit tarts

Sweet pastry tart case, filled with Creme Diplomat, covered with glazed berries, chocolate decorations and gold leaf.

price- £6.00


Macaroons filled with chocolate ganache.

Price- £2.00 each

deluxe fruit tart

Large fruit tart, garnished with macaroons.

Size- Feeds 8 Price- £45

choux buns 

Choux buns filled with Toffee flavoured Creme Chantilly, topped with toffee popcorn.

Price- £4.00 each

deluxe mini cakes

Mini versions of your favourite flavoured cakes decorated with macaroons, chocolate brushstrokes and fresh flowers.

Price- £4.00 each